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Acupressure Slipper ACS

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Acupressure Slipper
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ACS Acupressure Slipper Relax Renew Recharge.Slip on a pair of amazing acupressure sandals and feel the difference immediately! Acupressure massage nodes work to stimulate, relax, and refresh feet with every step you take.
Acupressure sandals are specifically designed to stimulate the soles of the feet which have hundreds of nerve endings. This special foot massaging action can improve circulation and alleviate fatigue. Simply walking in your acupressure sandals promotes healthy blood flow, increases oxygen, induces relaxation and re-energizes feet and legs.
Simply lounge around in these slippers and feel the positive difference to your health!


Product Features Benefits Advantages

Feel stimulated with regular wearing.Acupressure slippers are made from the best quality material. They are immensely comfortable and available in varies sizes.

Foot Reflexology and acupressure are well-known sciences that emphasize the importance of the foot sole for achieving harmony in the human system. The reason is that almost every part of the sole corresponds to distinct body organs and parts of the musculoskeletal system. The stimulation of these points by way of gentle compression and relaxation does wonders in removing energy blockages and obstructed channels.
It is not surprising that people undergoing foot reflexology and acupressure of the feet points, experience tremendous relaxation of the muscles, especially in the back, neck & shoulders as well as a general reduction in stress levels.

There are Six Main Benefits From Wearing Acupressure Sandals, your circulation will improve, you will have more energy and be more relaxed, your sleep patterns will go back to normal, your internal organs will receive stimulation and your overall health will improve.

  • Comfortable.
  • Energizes and relaxes you.
  • Stimulates internal organs.
  • Improve circulation to every part of the body.
  • Decrease muscle soreness, feel most relaxed in years.
  • Increase the levels of feel-good hormones known as endomorphins.
  • Comfortable pressure points that stimulate without poking.

Reflexology points on the hands and feet stimulate the nerve endings, which send healing messages to all parts of the body via neurological pathways. Acupressure points have similar comprehensive benefits, which stem from balancing the body’s life energy through a system of meridian pathways. This healing energy (known as Chi, Qi, or Ki) functions to nourish all parts and systems of the body. When Reflexology and Acupressure are used together, the energy released joins forces to heal the body, thus increased effectiveness results. The integration of Reflexology and Acupressure therapy creates a more efficient, holistic healing practice.
 There are many ways to combine Reflexology and Acupressure for enhancing Reflexology’s superb health benefits. When a Reflexologist combines Acupressure points and techniques, a powerful level of healing occurs. 

Product Specifications Shapes Sizes

Available SIZES
Small SizeWomen’s size (US) of about 5-6
Medium SizeWomen’s size (US) of approx 7-8.5
Large SizeWomen’s size (US) of about 8.5-10
Weight: 700 g
Dimensions: 34 cm × 10 cm × 12 cm

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