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Car Seat Acupressure ACS

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Car Seat Acupressure
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Product Description and Details

Acupressure Car Seat made up of plastic beads based on Acupressure Systems.Ensure maximum comfort while driving your car with the  acupressure bead seat. Acupressure seat  promotes blood circulation and massages the back, waist, backbone and thighs. It can relieve fatigue, muscle tension quickly. 

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Relax while driving :
  • Special beads points helps in balancing Bio-energy of the body.
  • For sciatica. backache, lumbago, piles, improves sitting & working capacity.

Product Specifications Shapes Sizes

Weight: 850 g
Dimensions: 100 cm × 42 cm × 1 cm

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