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Gel and Silicon Products

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Knee Immobilizer With Silicon Pad OPPO BHO6 Knee Immobilizer With Silicon Pad OPPO Rs 2,976.00
Insole Full Silicon TYNOR BHT155 Insole Full Silicon TYNOR Rs 799.00
Heel Cushion Silicon TYNOR BHT156 Heel Cushion Silicon TYNOR Rs 355.00
Toe Separator Silicon TYNOR BHT157 Toe Separator Silicon TYNOR Rs 126.00
Metatarsal Pad Silicon TYNOR BHT158 Metatarsal Pad Silicon TYNOR Rs 235.00
Silicone Heel Cup TYNOR BHT159 Silicone Heel Cup TYNOR Rs 352.00
Medical Arch Orthosis Adult TYNOR BHT160 Medical Arch Orthosis Adult TYNOR Rs 313.00
Medical Arch Orthosis Child TYNOR BHT161 Medical Arch Orthosis Child TYNOR Rs 235.00
Insole Omni Silicone TYNOR BHT162 Insole Omni Silicone TYNOR Rs 285.00
Arch Support TYNOR BHT163 Arch Support TYNOR Rs 207.00
Hallux Straighteners OPPO BHO23 Hallux Straighteners OPPO Rs 479.00
Retractors OPPO BHO24 Retractors OPPO Rs 409.00
Gel Toe Crest OPPO BHO25 Toe Crests OPPO Rs 889.00
Accutex Elbow Support OPPO BHO33 Accutex Elbow Support OPPO Rs 2,379.00
Silicone Finger Ring VISSCO BHV113 Silicone Finger Ring VISSCO Rs 63.00
Toe Separator VISSCO BHV120 Toe Separator VISSCO Rs 128.00
Silicon Elastmax Insoles OPPO BHO67 Silicon Elastmax Insoles OPPO Rs 2,476.00
Heel Cushions OPPO BHO68 Heel Cushions OPPO Rs 1,549.00


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