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Flamiband Elastic Crepe Bandage 10cm FLAMINGO

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Flamiband Elastic Crepe Bandage 10cm
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FLAMINGO Flamiband Elastic Crepe Bandage 10cm Code OC2107 Flamingo, one of the market leaders of Orthopaedic and Healthcare Products, offers Flamiband (Elastic Crepe Bandage) - 10cm in the market. This elastic crepe bandage has non fraying edges, which allows to provide uniform and constant elasticity where it is used. It is made with the material, which is a combination of cotton and stretch material.
It is made sure never to wrap Flamingo Flamiband (Elastic Crepe Bandage) - 10cm very tightly or loiosely. Moreover, it should be taken into consideration that when bandage is applied on hands, efforts must be made to leave the thumb free.

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10cm(Width)4m Stretched length

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