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Spinal anatomy is surprisingly complex and extraordinery arrangement of storng bones, flexible tendons and ligaments , muscles and sensitive nerves helping the body to do the most basic but crucial things - stand upright , move flexibly along many planes , bend , and most importantly ,protect the spinal cord .The spine is made up of discs , known as vertebrae make up the full spinal column .

Each disc has :
- A large central portion knows as the body .
- A laminae ,which extends from the body of the vertebra to orm a ring to enclose and protect the spinal cord .

The laminae includes:
A spinous process i.e , the bone you feel when you run your hand down someone back 
Two transverse processes i.e , where the back muscles connect to the vertebra
The pedicle  that connects the two sides of the lamina. 

The spinal column is fundamentally divided into the following parts : 
Cervical region : 7 vertebrae 
Thoracic  region : 12vertebrae 
Lumbar region : 5 vertebrae 
Sacral  region : 5  specialized vertebrae connecting the spine to the pelvis 4 coccyx vertebrae 

There may be several reasons for your back pain,including the neurological, stress -related or even psychosomatic ones.If your pain , however,is related specially to a disturbance in the spinal arrangement,it could be due to one or more of the following reasons :

- Irritation in the large nerve roots that radiate to the arms and legs 
- Irritation in any of the smaller nerve bundles 
- To much strain on the large paired back muscles - erector spinae 
- Injury in bone, ligament or muscle 
- Disturbance in the position of a vertebra or its position in the column.

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