Tackling Back Pain 


Dress comfortably , in loose clothing that will not restrict any part of the body. Leggings , t-shirts, kurtas, salwars and yoga or gym clothes are suitable .
Stretching is not meant to be painful . do not force your body into any position or exercise over an injury .
Exercise on a flat , clan surface , which is as even as possible 
Get into and out of position as smoothly as you can , and avoid bouncing while holding a stretch . This may pull or even tear muscles .
Hold stretching positions for at least 20-30 second's each , and repeat 3-4 times to loose the muscle slowly and steadily 

Stretching, in some form or the other , is  something that one should always do; whether or not one has sustained an injury . it is important to note , that patients with ongoing back pain , or in the process of recovery may find that it takes weeks or even months to see the benefits of stretching . The long - term benefits , however , are remarkable.

There are someone exercise you can do the minute you wake up in the morning . This is the toughest time of the day to stretch the muscles , but also the most effective , especially for those with chronic back or sciatica pain . try these three simple stretches before you get out of bed.

1) Lie flat on your back , make sure the natural curve of your lower back is pressed against the floor , and gently raise both knees such that the lower half of your legs are parallel to the floor .lock your arms under chest as possible .Hold for as long as you comfortably can , and release gently .
2)Similarly , pull only one leg towards the body at a time , making sure the other foot is flat on the ground .Image is wrong other leg should be felt .. as mentioned in exercise ....

3) Cross one leg over the other such that the ankle of one leg sits comfortably on the knee of the other . Lock your hands under the knee of the lower leg and pull the leg towards your chest .You should feel a stretch on the side of the thing of the leg on top . If you feel any other kind of strain , release immediately , relax for a minute , and try again .
 Once you're done roll onto your side , let your legs fall over the side of your bed and push yourself up using your hand.

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