There are several, small, regular things you can do to ease your pain and prevent it from getting worse.

Ice and Heat 
Perfect posture 
Invest in a good mattress
Sleep well 
Basic exercise and stretching 
Rid yourself of a poor lifestyle

Orthopedic supports
- Use a combination of ice and heat on the painful area. For the first 48 hours, use in ice pack (even a packet of frozen peas) for up to 20 minutes as often as necessary. This will numb the nerves in the area, blocking pain signals and reducing swelling. After 48 hours, switch to heat. Use a heating pad, or simply a towel dipped in hot water and place it on your back, propping up your hips and ankles with pillows. The heat will help regulate blood flow, and minimize painful muscle spasms.

- Find the most suitable posture. When standing or walking make sure your weight is distributed equally on both feet. Tuck your pelvis in, push the shoulders back, and pay attention to each point along the spine for any specific pains.

If you feel strain in particular positions, avoid those and try to maintain a position that doesn't apply stress to the area in pain. At home, and at the workplace, design your furniture such that you don't have to hunch over your papers on your computer screen. Find yourself a chair that keeps your back upright and your feet firmly on the ground.

- Invest in a new mattress. Many people get lower back pain from sleeping on surfaces that are too soft or saggy. If you already have a bad back, a poor sleeping surface may aggravate the situation.

- Sleep well. Not only is it important to get enough sleep every night, but the position you sleep in can also sleep in is on your side, with your knees bent into fetal position. Consider keeping a pillow just at the neck will ensure that the upper spine also remains straight . 

- Before getting out of bed every morning, do some basic exercise. Stretch your arms over your chest and hug them with your forearms. Roll a little from side to side to naturally massage the lower back. To get up, roll on to your side, put your knees over the edge of the bed push yourself up with one arm and let your feet touch the ground gently. This puts minimum pressure on the back.

- Join a Yoga class. Yoga is an excellent way to gently train your body into being fitter, and more flexible. There are several kinds of Yoga and it is important to find an approach, and an instructor that suits your needs. If you have a delicate back and are prone to back aches and muscle pulls, start by approaching someone trained in the Bihar school of yoga.

Share your condition with your instructor and be sure to communicate everything you are feeling. Yoga is a lifestyle choice and with the right involvement and patience, it will help you over a period of time.

-Massage the aching area. Get someone to rub a pain relief ointment on to the back or gently massage the muscles that are uncomfortable. Always remember that professional massage in salons and spas can very often be too vigorous and may aggravate or strain or injury. Consult a physiotherapist or a chiropractor for a massage that will suit you best.

- Get rid of poor lifestyle habits. Throw those cigarettes away and reduce your risk of osteoporosis of the spine stay strong, and keep moving the biggest cause of back pain is weakness of the muscles, and lack of fitness. Stick to a healthy diet to keep your bones and muscles strong and healthy and exercise regularly to keep your weight in check. A strong body is less likely to sustain an injury!

- There are a range of orthopedic back supports available in the market that give the extra rigidity that your back needs and cater to your different needs . Certain supports have a contoured design that helps your back stay in its anatomically correct position.

Most,importantly, remember that you are not alone! Doctors are available to help, advise and treat you. In addition, it may help to communicate freely with your friends and family for support, or even to join a support group or online discussion forum to help stay positive and manage your discomfort. Read, keep yourself educated and informed, watch yourself carefully, ask for help when you need it and you will surely be healthy and pain free!

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