Lie flat on your back, with the natural curve of your back, gently pressed downwards towards the floor . slowly raise one leg as high as you can, such that it is perpendicular to the floor. If you can, hold your ankle or calf to pull your leg closer and closer to yourself. If you can't reach, use a dupatta or a belt to grab the bottom of your foot and help  you pull your leg as close as possible. You should feel a stretch along the back of your high. Hold as long as you can and then gently release the leg, bringing it down to the floor before you repeat with the other leg.

From the same lying - on - your -back position, raise the knees up as if your legs are resting on a small table. Spread your arms on either side, making a T. Exhale slowly and lower your knees to one side, dropping your head to look to opposite direction. Do not lift your shoulders off the ground. If you find that is happening, lower your knees further away from the arm. Hold for a couple of minutes on each side.

No, lie on your stomach. Put your palms facing downwards at the shoulder level and push the upper body up, propped up on your forearms. Keep your toes pointed and stretch the legs away from the spine. Drop your head and hold the position. For a more intense stretch, straighten the arms so that only your palms are holding you up. Hold, and release slowly back to the ground.

Sit with your buttocks against a wall and swing your legs up. Your body on the floor and your legs against the wall should make a perfect "L" shape. Spread your arms out on either side and hold for a few minutes. This exercise is great to relieve lower back and leg pain, as it helps drain the stagnant fluid in the legs. It's one of the best exercise, to do after an especially intense workout.

NOTE :If you are suffering from any low back disease or injury consult your physiotherapist for exercise.


These are some basic exercise that you can do on your own in the comfort of your home. If you 'd like more intense stretches and positions, join a yoga or pilates class. Remember to watch your body closely for pulls, strains or pain and share them all with your instructor. Care for your back, stay fit and active and you will have a comfortable and safe experience working out.

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