- Acute Pain 
- Chronic Pain 
- Neuropathic Pain 

Acute Pain 

By today's definition, Acute Pain is that which lasts between 3 to 6 months, or is caused directly by tissue damage. This is the sort you experience when you hit your thumb with a hammer, or stub your toe. Labor pain is also a kind of Acute Pain - immediate, temporary and having an identifiable cause.

Chronic Pain 

This may be of two broad types:
-  Due  to an identifiable cause
-  Due  to an unidentifiable cause i.e , even after an injury has healed

If the cause is identifiable, that cause likely to be diagnosed and anatomical. Conditions such as degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and spondylilisthesis may be at the root of the pain; which will continue until properly treated. If the pain caused by condition of this kind does not subside with the help of non - operative treatments, spinal surgery may be necessary.

when the cause of the chronic pain is unidentifiable it is referred to as " chronic benign pain ". Pain is a usually a signal of distress or damage that is transferred through a pathway in the nervous system. However this sometimes continues even after the underlying cause of the pain has healed. In such a situation, the pain becomes the disease itself rather than the symptom.

Neuropathic Pain :

The kind of pain has been studied only very recently. In most cases, this pain one feel is completely unrelated to any observable injury, damage or condition. In the way, it is similar to the chronic kind, but the quality of the pain is different. Neuropathic pain is characterized as being severe, sharp, lighting - like, stabbing, burning, cold, and also include ongoing numbness, tingling or weakness.


Back injuries are caused by trauma, damage, strain or infection to any part of the back - bones, muscles and tissues. Unfortunately, this includes a whole array of possible causes that could be at the root of your pain. Watching and keeping track of every symptoms is very important for any patient, since treatment will differ greatly from cause to cause.

To help your doctor a little, analyse your pain extensively. Ask yourself how long it"s been there, what makes it better and worse, and whether it is isolated to any specific part of the back, or if it radiates to your arms or legs. If you have experienced numbness, tingling, weakness, any discomfort or irritation while urinating; those are red flags for serious spine issues and you may require immediate medical attention. Do not forget to mention to your doctor any previous medication or treatment you may have received in the past.

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