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Headache Band Universal Size VISSCO

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Headache Band Universal Size
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Product Description and Details

VISSCO Headache Band Universal Size 1107 helps to relieve your headache pain.If you are experiencing headaches temporary or have dealt with chronic headache pain in your entire life, the headache band might be the solution. 

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Headache band for migraine.
  • Headache band across forehead.
  • Headache relieving wrap.
  • Headache band around head.
  • Anti headache .
  • A broad width elasticated tubular band
  • Made form durable elastic with heat resistant rubber
  • Elastic becomes ventilated when stretched


  • For providing relief from any type of headache
  • For providing firm and uniform pressure when worn on forehead
  • For providing a cooling effect when band is dipped in water with eau de cologne


  • For better results, the band could be dipped in water with eau de cologne for a cooling effect
  • Do not wear continuously
  • Wear the band for 10-15 minutes only
  • Do not iron
  • Dry naturally


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Weight: 32 g

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