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Lumbo Sacral Belt With Acupressure Pad Special Size VISSCO

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Lumbo Sacral Belt With Acupressure Pad Special Size
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Product Description and Details

VISSCO Sacro Lumbar Belt With Acupressure Pad Special Size 0115 Immobilizes the lumbar and sacral regions effectively with the help of additional straps and lumbar acupresure pad

Product Features Benefits Advantages


  • Four stays provided at the back for firm support
  • Contains thick padding to support back curvature
  • Double lock elastic closure provided to restrict back movement
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Skin friendly material with ventilating effect
  • Scientifically designed and engineered to increase product life and optimize comfort
  • Noticeable therapeutic relief for the lumbar spine
  • Supports and reinforces the back muscles
  • Promotes anatomically correct posture
  • Slightly reduces lordosis and pelvic anti rotation
  • Proprioceptive compression effect exerted by the support stimulates metabolism, reduces muscular discomfort and eases pain.
  • Additionally it gives acupressure effect on the back.

When to use

  • Chronic low back pain or strain
  • Muscular imbalances in the lumbar spine area  
  • Spinal conditions (e.g. osteochondrosis / spondylosis / facet syndrome / slipped disc)  Osteoporosis  Post surgical lumbosacral immobilization

Product Specifications Shapes Sizes

XL EXTRA LARGE100-11039-43
Weight: 485 g
Dimensions: 24.2 cm × 19.6 cm × 6.2 cm

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