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Magnetic Back Support Special Size VISSCO

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Magnetic Back Support Special Size
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VISSCO Magnetic Back Support Special Size PC0104 belt is fitted scientifically with 25 special powered magnets with alternate north-south pole fitting which increases circulation of blood in the system.  They help in loosening the muscles which cause pain by creating a relaxing effect and supporting the lumbar region. As a result, they provide Orthopedic relief by supporting the back vertebra. 

Product Features Benefits Advantages

Proper use of magnets for pain has been Proven to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself .By using a properly designed belt with alternate north-south pole magnets ,one can start the healing process .

Magnetic energy is just one more spoke in the wheel for a perfect rehabilitation.Special powered magnets help rehabilitation .Special powered magnets help loosen stiff muscles by activating circulation of blood through transmission of magnetic impulses .

A relaxing effect is generated with the loosening of the muscles which are in spasm and which are causing pain .

Any oedema present is removed due to this increased circulation .the magnetic back support is helpful for acute lumbago, sciatica, radiculitis, facet syndrome , root neuritis , spondylitis , recurrent low back ache.

The magnets used are fitted scientifically with alternate north-south pole fitted on each belt .the elastic used is cotton based with pores , that permits air flow for comfort. Heat resistant rubber is used in the elastic that provides a long life to the elastic and would not loosen even after prolonged use. Hook and loop fasteners provide ease of fitting and adjustability.

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XL EXTRA LARGE100-11039-43
Weight: 8 g

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