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Magnetic Bracelet General ACS

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Magnetic Bracelet General
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Product Description and Details

ACS Magnetic Bracelet General magnetic Therapy is the application of the magnetic fields of electromagnetic devices or permanent static magnets to the body for purported health benefits. 

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Magnetic Therapy can be used to help treat symptoms of an ailment.
  • It is a form of alternative a non medical treatment.
  • It is believed that by subjecting certain parts of the body to magneto.
  • Static fields produced by permanent magnets, the following health benefits can be experienced.
  • Can Assist and improve the body's natural healing system.
  • Can stimulate blood vessels.
  • Promoting blood circulation and increasing blood flow in the body.
  • can help increase oxygen supply to organs and tissues.
  • can help peduce inflammation.
  • can help reduce inflammation.
  • can aid and promote restful sound sleep.
  • A very useful magnetic ornament to maintain blood pressure.

For High B.P. :

  • Wear the watch on your right hand wrist keeping the dial Portion of the watch on your pulse.

For Low B.P. :

  • Wear the watch on your left hand wrist Keeping the dial portion of the watch on your pulse.

Product Specifications Shapes Sizes

Weight: 50 g
Dimensions: 15 cm × 11 cm × 1 cm

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