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New Laurel PULMAN

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New Laurel
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Product Description and Details

PULMAN New Laurel medical sandal from Pulman offer extra comfort and are fit for all diabetic patients. Open sandal-like design - with greater width and depth. PULMAN New Laurel.​

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • New Laurel is made of RAZETTI: Exclusive febric all complete air circulation
  • Product is very useful to those who are suffering with Traumatic andneurologic pathologies,Callosity, corn, planter wart, heel escher, arthritis, Nail diseases etc.
  • Laurel is totally adjustable with self adjustable tape and provide a wide arrange if fitting.
  • Has totally washable and removable insole which give clinician an option to fit orthopedic insole.
  • Fabric used inside the shoes is very soft, which provide good comfort and absorb moisture during summer as well as retain moisture in the winter season.
  • No seams inside the shoes so is harmless to foot skin
  • Outer sole is of PU, soft, supple and non-slip
  • Hand and Machine washable at 40o C
  • Fabric used inside the shoes is very soft, which provide good comfort and absorb moisture during summer as well as retain moisture in the winter season.

    PULMAN Range

    • Available in shoe, boot or sandal style.
    • Strong enough for everyday use.
    • Pulman shoes are multi-adjustable with Velcro closures, giving ease of application and a perfect,
    comfortable fit for feet of all shapes and sizes.
    • The whole front of the shoe, plug and instep, lifts and opens as a unit. With the foot in place, the
    front closes and fastens securely in whatever position fits best.
    • Uppers are constructed of a laminated fully lined velour fabric that stretches and breathes,
    maintaining optimum foot temperature.
    • Pulman products have no irritating seams inside the shoes.
    • The soles are light, supple, slip-resistant, adherent and quiet, with rounded edges to reduce the risk
    of stumbling.
    • The soft foam insoles have terry textured facing, and are removable for washing or the fitting of
    orthopaedic insoles if required.

    • The Pulman range of therapeutic footwear is designed for those who suffer from sensitive feet or
    ailments which restrict mobility.
    • They are particularly useful in post-operative foot care, and in the treatment of oedema, foot ulcers,
    rheumatoid arthritis and malformed feet or those with other foot or toe problems.
    • ‘Extra’ fittings feature greater width and depth to accommodate swollen or bandaged feet.

    Product Care:
    • Pulman footwear is sanitized for long-lasting protection against microbes and bacteria.
    • Shoes and insoles are completely machine washable in warm water.
    • Shoe trees are included to maintain shoe shape after washing.

    Sizes are in UK  
    Upper Material : Fabric 
    Sole Material : PU

The use of Pulman shoes is recommended in cases of:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Vascular lesions: chilblain, frostbite, varix, ulcer, angioma, phlebitis, elephantiasis
  • Foot problems like: corns, callouses, plantar warts
  • Deformations due to gout, arthrosis, diabetes
  • Toe and metatarsal head deformations (hallux valgus)
  • Nail diseases, ingrown nails


Product Specifications Shapes Sizes

MarineFrom 35 to 48

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