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Premium Wheelchair KM 8520 KARMA

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Premium Wheelchair KM 8520
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Product Description and Details

KARMA Premium Wheelchair KM 8520 Suitable for Thoracic and Cervical Spinal Cord Injured; those who need convenient lateral movement.Very convenient to move from wheelchair to other supportive surfaces since the armrest can swing upward and the footrest can be rotated outward. Foldable backrest and frame for easy and convenient storage and transport.

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Foldable backrest and frame for easy and convenient storage and transport.
  • Swing in/out and detachable footrest adds convenience when the user needs to transfer in tight areas.
  • Flip-back armrest offers greater convenience when the user needs to transfer from wheelchair to a bed, car seat, or sofa, making it easier for caretakers too.

KM-8000 series is a classic model in terms of firmness and durability.
The original concept of KM-8000 series was to build the safest multi-functional wheelchair that can serve basic needs for all. With its strong structure design, this series has earned a reputation of being the most reliable wheelchair for heavy users.
The model has recently been incorporated into governmental health insurance systems in Australia and New Zealand.  

The KM-8520 is one of the very few models with flip-back armrest and swing away footrest that also pass both “Two-drum test”and ”Drop test.”
Passing the “Two-drum test” suggests that the wheelchair is capable of facilitating movement on difficult or uneven terrain with multiple speedy turns while maintaining the product’s integrality. Passing the “Drop test” suggests safe and concrete structure under high impact force from outside.

Customized KM-8520 series is now available exclusively for users with spinal cord injuries.

Product Specifications Shapes Sizes

Model No.KM 8520KM 8520
F/R Wheels8 INCH X 24 INCH8 INCH X 24 INCH
Seat Width4146
Seat Depth4343
Overall Width6366
Overall Collapsed3535
Armrest Height2323
Overall Lenght108108
Seat Height4747
Backrest Height4040
Overall Height8787
Weight15.1 kg15.5 kg
Max User Weight130 kg130 kg

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KM 8520


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