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COMFREY Underpads Code.Nasibdar underpads are designed to prevent the fluids from leaking into the bedsheet and causing embarrassment to the patients. The relatively thin and comfortable underpads are really easy to wear.

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  • Made of superior quality material, these underpads are designed to soak maximum amount of liquid without letting the wearer experience any discomfort. 
  • Old patients, women who have just delivered, adults who have had a paralytic attack and anyone else who is bedridden can make use of these underpads.
  • The thinness of the sheet ensures that it is easy to use.
  • The unique texture of the underpads ensures that the skin remains dry and the risk of infection is also reduced considerably. 
  • The super absorbent channels keep the patients comfortable.
  • Additionally, the pads are disposable in nature. Once used, they can be disposed easily. 

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