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Cervical Traction Kit With Weight Bag Sitting VISSCO

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Cervical Traction Kit With Weight Bag Sitting
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VISSCO Cervical Traction Kit Sitting with Weight Bag 0405 is a neck traction can help with relief of pain, decrease pressure on nerves and ease muscle spasms. A complete apparatus designed to provide support and traction to the cervical and upper dorsal vertebra that is your neck and upper back.Weights can be applied as prescribed by a doctor.

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  • Spondylosis
  • Spondylolesthesis
  • Fracture
  • Cervical pain and fracture cervical vertebrae


  • Cervical traction head holder
  • Cervical traction cord
  • Over door pulley bracket
  • Cervical traction spreader bar
  • Weight bag

Traction for restoring the proper cervical curve
The goal for neck traction is Restoring the proper curve is an important part of helping neck pain. The loss of the normal curve leaves you 4 times more vulnerable to pain. Loss of this curve is promoted by poor neck postures. A 2008 study in the journal Spine indicates loss of the neck curve can accelerate disc degeneration. 

Neck traction for cervical spine is often employed to bring relief from compressed nerves and stiff muscles, however, it can also be used in rehabilitation from chronic conditions and injuries. 
Traction or spinal decompression can help many individuals with neck pain and is an effective way to help stiff neck muscles, irritated joints, disc problems & pinched nerves, headaches, stress reduction and in the restoration of the cervical curve. The devices are designed to provide a gentle, adjustable to user preference and comfortable therapy for many neck conditions.

Radiculopathy happens if a nerve in the neck becomes irritated. This may cause neck pain, pain as well as loss of strength in the arm, and possibly loss of feeling or tingling in the arm. If you have a pinched nerve producing cervical radiculopathy, you may also feel uncoordinated or clumsy hands. Neck traction and exercises are used to alleviate nerve irritation in your neck, reducing pain and increasing your ability to function.

A 2014 biomechanical experiment in the journal Spine indicates traction of the spine promotes the transportation of nutrients into the discs. The authors of this study indicate traction to be a conservative therapy for disc problems, recognizing biomechanical benefits such as; recovery of disc height, enlarging passage for nerves and reducing disc pressure. The study indicates traction to be an effective treatment to improve nutrition supply and the growth of disc cells to damaged discs.

The use of heat therapy can help relax the muscles prior to using traction. Make sure to check heat therapy range. 

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