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Cancer includes any hysterical, irregular cell growth. The types of cancer could include lung cancer due to prolonged smoking, skin cancer due to too much exposure to the sun etc.
Cancer killed almost 5,56,400 people across the country in 2011.

Semi Fowler Bed One Folded with two Railings GENERIC

Rs 12,201.00

Hospital Fowler Bed 1 folded with  individual 2 side rails has strong frame work made of rectangular M.S. Tube and  epoxy powder coated finish. These beds have options like either Backrest elevation or Knee rest elevation for different angles for making the patient comfortable. The back rest and knee rest position can be maneuvered with separate screw at foot end. Four Location for IV Rod.
Overall Approx Size: 2090L x 910W x 600H MM.
weight capacity upto 110kg

Semi Fowler Bed One Folded with two Railings
Semi Fowler Bed One Folded with two Railings
Price: Rs 12,201.00

Aluminium Alloy Frame Wheelchair AURORA 5 KARMA

Rs 7,450.00

KARMA  Wheelchair Aurora 5  is a Lightweight Folding Aluminium Transit Wheelchair.Most Economy Wheelchair folding Karma wheelchair fashion and lightweight style.This is an ultra lightweight aluminum alloy frame wheelchair. It has a detachable armrest and elevating footrest for maximum user comfort. This is Karma's travel lightweight wheelchair which can be put into the bag and take away.

Price: Rs 7,450.00
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