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A muscle contracture is a permanent shortening of a muscle or joint.
It is usually in response to prolonged hypertonic spasticity in a concentrated muscle area, such as is seen in the tightest muscles of people with conditions like spastic cerebral palsy.
Contractures are essentially muscles or tendons that have remained too tight for too long, thus becoming shorter. 
Once they occur, it is often argued that they cannot be stretched or exercised away (they must be released with orthopedic surgery). 
Most of the physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other exercise regimens targeted towards people with spasticity focuses on trying to prevent contractures from happening in the first place. However, research on sustained traction of connective tissue in approaches such as adaptive yoga has demonstrated that contracture can be reduced,at the same time that tendency toward spasticity is addressed.
Contractures can also be due to ischemia, as in Volkmann's contracture.

Hip Abduction Pillow SALO

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SALO Hip Abduction Pillow are shaped from foam to assist in patient healing after hip surgery and are ideal for recovery center and physical therapy clinics, as well as home use. Abductor pillows are designed to hold the legs slightly apart for proper hip alignment. It comes with strap that wrap around the user's legs and hold the cushion securely in place.
Provides maximum patient comfort and protection of bony prominences.Maintains proper hip precautions while in bed.

Hip Abduction Pillow
Hip Abduction Pillow
Price: Rs 1,280.00

Exercise Cuff Weight 1 kg SALO

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SALO Exercise Cuff Weight 1 kg. the Cuff weight pouches are designed in such a way it can be banded on to wrist and ankle for exercise and rehabilitation treatment. Ankle and Wrist Cuff Weights provide a convenient approach to numerous weight training and therapy needs. We craft our cuff weight pouches from high-quality materials and double-stitching throughout to ensure long life and extended durability. These cuff weights are a perfect tool for improving endurance, balance, and motor skills.

Exercise Cuff Weight 1 kg
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Elbow Extension Brace SALO

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SALO Elbow Extension Brace is designed to be used in the injury caused when an elbow joint is forced backwards beyond its normal range of motion, resulting in damage to the soft tissues in the joint. Three-point pressure pads articulate with each other to form the elbow extension and support joints, keeping them in position and, in some cases, limiting excessive movement.

Elbow Extension Brace SALO
Price: Rs 1,435.00

Static Foot Drop Splint AFO SALO

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SALO Static Foot Drop Splint this Ankle Foot Orthosis Static splint is used to support the weakened or paralyzed body parts in particular position like Drop Foot from a stroke. The AFO Static can be designed to help control adduction and abduction of the forefoot. AFOs Static are devices that hold joints in constant position and are made of rigid materials.

Static Foot Drop Splint AFO
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Comfort Toilet Safety Rails VISSCO

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VISSCO Comfort Toilet Safety Rails PC0992 Toilet safety rail for the elderly and the disabled. Helps prevent falls and makes daily life safer.The Comfort Toilet Safety Frame is perfect for safety when in need of help on the toilet. The Adjustable Toilet Safety Frame is easy to clean and easy to remove for transfer.Armrests provide secure hand support

Comfort Safety Rails VISSCO
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