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Humerus Fracture

A humerus fracture is a bone fracture of the arm. Fractures of the humerus may be classified by the location and divided into fractures of the upper end, the shaft, or the lower end.
Certain lesions are commonly associated with fractures to specific areas of the humerus. 
Proximal humerus fractures may occur at the surgical neck of the humerus and anatomical neck of humerus greater and lesser tubercles. 
This forms the basis for the Neer classification of fractures. Depending on the extent of the injury these fractures may be managed conservatively with a sling or require an open operation to internally fix the fragments.
The axillary nerve can be damaged in fractures of this type leading to a neuropraxia however this may self-resolve. 
Mid-shaft fractures may damage the radial nerve, which traverses the lateral aspect of the humerus closely associated with the radial groove. 
The median nerve is vulnerable to damage in the supracondylar area, and the ulnar nerve is vulnerable near the medial epicondyle, around which it curves to enter the forearm.


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VISSCO HOME CARE REMEDIES Fumerous Splint H1046 The Active splint is an ideal brace for treatment of the fractures of  the femur. In order to understand the way a Patella - Fumerous splint works one must understand the anatomy and function of the knee and the knee cap. The kneecap (Patella) is a small bone in the front of the knee. It glides up and down a groove in the thigh bone (Femur) as the knee bends and straightens. This groove in the femur is called the femoral groove.

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Humerus Fracture Splint HOME CARE REMEDIES

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VISSCO HOME CARE REMEDIES Humerus Fracture Splint H1043 The activesplint humerus fracture splint has been anatomically designed to provide support and immobilization to. The humorous bone. The active splint made from grade Pe-Ld sheet which is already moulded in shape. The fitting is locked into each other and protects the humerous. A humerus fracture is an ijury to the bone of the upper arm.

Humerus Fracture Splint HOME CARE REMEDIES
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