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Flamicrepe Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P. 10cm FLAMINGO

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Flamicrepe Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P. 10cm
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FLAMINGO Flamicrepe Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P. 10cm Code OC2044 Flamingo, a brand known for offering the best-in-class Orthopaedic and Healthcare Products, also presents Flamicrepe (Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P.)-10cm in the market. Ideally used for all orthopaedic & general use, this compression bandage is made as per B. P. standards. It provides gentle support or compression to the affected area and quickens up the healing process.
Flamingo Flamicrepe (Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P.)-10cm is very light in weight and provides warmth and insulation to the area where it is used. It is widely used by the people to cure sprains and strains as well as bone related problems. It considerably reduces the intensity of pain experienced in the limbs. Flamicrepe (Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P.)-10cm is never applied to wounds directly. The highlighting features of this product are its elasticity, stretchability and breathability. This type of bandage allows ease of movement and does not cause any type of restriction on the action of the user. Moreover, anybody can easily wrap and unwrap it on the affected area of the patient without requiring expertise.

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10cm(Width)4m Stretched length

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