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Hallux Valgus SALO

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Hallux Valgus
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Product Description and Details

SALO Hallux Valgus Splint also known as a bunion (Hallux valgus) is a deformity characterized by lateral deviation of the great toe, often erroneously described as an enlargement of bone or tissue around the joint at the head of the big toe (metatarsophalangeal joint). To maintain optimum position of great toe in varus neutral To be worn at night to prevent further deformation and to relive pain.

The Splint returns the foot to its natural shape, protects and relieves the painful bunion. By means of the splint worn on the big toe, the shrunken soft parts (capsule) of the base joint of the big toe are expanded and the progressive malpositioning of the joint is corrected. Via the system of splint, metatarsal and toe bandage, the foot is stabilized and incorrect loading corrected. With the aid of Hallux Valgus, a foot deformed by Hallux valgus can perform the natural flexing action free of pain. Furthermore, the transversal arch support puts the transversal arch upright again. The splayfoot (a very frequent concomitant of the toe malpositioning Hallux valgus) is effectively supported by it while wearing the splint.

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Corrects the malpositioning of the big toe not only during rest but also while walking and standing
  • Can be worn in almost any shoe
  • Supports the foot with every step
  • Can be used prophylactically or postoperatively
  • Secures the result of the operation and protects the foot even under load while walking
  • An early mobilization is possible
  • Frequently, wearing bulky special shoes can be avoided
  • The postoperative rehabilitation period is shortened!
    • Suitable for skin contact, does not absorb perspiration
    • Does not support micro-organisms growth
    • Washable, odour free, tough, resilient and light weight

Indications for Use 
Can be used prophylactically for mild to medium Hallux valgus as well as after a Hallux valgus operation.
Can be used as night splint.
Arch support for the metatarsal arch in a single product
Used in the case of a mild to medium-severe development of bunion (Hallux valgus), regular wear of splint eases the pain and counteracts further aggravation of big toe malpositioning.
Correcting incorrect loading of the foot in the case of mild to medium-severe and not yet rigid Hallux valgus malpositioning.
To stabilize the surgical adjustment of the toe. 

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