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New Improved Silicone Insoles Pair VISSCO

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New Improved Silicone Insoles Pair
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Product Description and Details

VISSCO New Improved Silicone Insoles Pair 0735  is an anti-shock silicone full length insole designed to reduce stress caused to the joints and spine. It’s very useful if suffering from heel, knee or back pain as it relieves pressure during walking by providing relief on the front and middle of the foot and heel. The soft blue spots ensure optimum shock absorption, and since it is made from 100% silicone, it holds its shape and stays firm. The ventilation holes provide circulation.

Product Features Benefits Advantages

  • Anti-shock silicone full length insole designed to reduce stress to the joints and spine
  • Made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone which means, they hold their shape and reduce impact on the feet significantly
  • Silicone material is of medical grade and very safe to wear
  • Soft blue spots ensures optimum shock absorption and comfort while walking


  • For providing soft cushioning comfort while walking or jogging
  • For providing relief from heel, knee and back pain
  • For providing relief to tired and weak feet during prolonged standing 
  • For optimum shock absorption, comfort and pressure relief during walking
  • For providing pressure relief on the front and middle of the foot and heel
  • For reducing strain on the joints and spine
  • For treating rheumatic problems, hollow feet, flat feet, tired and painful feet
  • For deformities of the metatarsal and toes caused by painful conditions


  • The Silicone Insoles can be fitted in any shoe.
  • To be used wearing socks. 


  • Wear with socks only. 
  • Avoid contact with open wound. 
  • In case of sensitive skin, please consult your physician.

Product Specifications Shapes Sizes

SMALL22.5 cm (9")8.5 cm (3.3")5 TO 6
MEDIUM25 cm (9.8")9.0 cm (3.5")7 TO 8
LARGE26 cm (10.2")9.5 cm (3.7")9 TO 10
Weight: 0.27 kg
Dimensions: 32 cm × 2 cm × 10 cm

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