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Smart Orthopedic Back Rest VISSCO

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Smart Orthopedic Back Rest
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VISSCO Smart Orthopedic Back Rest PC0121 smart back support cushions sit at the bottom of the chair back and have a convex padded area that helps the spine to achieve a neutral position. They usually have straps that will slip over or velcro around the chair to hold the cushion in place. Smart.back support cushions can be used with car seats or on office chairs. If they are fitted correctly then they will stop you from slouching, support your spine, keeping you feeling alert for longer.

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A lumbar cushion is a specially designed ergonomic lumbar orthopedic cushion usually made of firm foam and fiber that sits in the small of the back providing relief and management of low back pain such as sprains and strains, herniated or ruptured discs, sciatica, or traumatic injury aggravated by prolonged periods of sitting in one position at a desk, in a car, lying in bed, or sitting in a wheelchair.

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